INAB in brief

Lastning på NLC Terminal

Infrastruktur i Umeå AB is a municipal company assigned to develop and manage infrastructure. INAB is contributing expertise in the areas of project management, infrastructure development and business operations in order to provide Umeå with modern, sustainable infrastructure solutions that benefit both its citizens and the business community.

INAB manages three travel centers, Umeå Östra, Umeå C and Hörnefors, and is also responsible for development of Umeå Freight Yard/NLC Terminal and NLC Park. The company is in charge of the planning for a new railway terminal at Dåva Busniess Park and has been responsible of the expansion of a new road and railway to the Port of Umeå. The new aquatic center of Umeå is project managed by INAB.

Umeå  Östra – a symbol of the future

On August 28, 2010, the Umeå Östra Travel Center – owned and managed by INAB – was inaugurated. The travel center is easily accessible and attrac- tively situated, located adjacent to the hospital and university area.

The materials used in the building were selected with great care in order to provide visitors with a bright and transparent feeling. With walls of glass, a shell construction design using glued laminated timbers, and plentiful illumination, the building sparkles in wintertime. To lend additional charac- ter to the building, it has been deco- rated with works of art, such as Astrid Sylwan’s work “Ramble and Roam.”

The travel center consists of two levels. Significant emphasis has been placed on creating a high degree of accessibility. The glass is non- reflective, which allows visitors to see the trains regardless of where they are in the building.

Unique train maintenance facility

Another venture that has been completed in Umeå – thanks to the Bothnia Line – is a new train mainte- nance facility. INAB was responsible for construction of the facility, an infrastructure investment in the order of SEK 120-130 million.

Today the train maintenance facility is used primarily for deicing, servicing and carcass and graffiti removal. The facility is unique in Norrland and is currently used by Norrtåg and Mantena.

Stronger togehter
To enable Umeå to continue to grow and operate in an optimal manner as a transportation and logistics hub, cooperation at the local, regional and national levels, and beyond national borders, is required. INAB’s involvement includes taking part in a number of different cooperative projects, in which authorities, organizations and companies are working together to find competitive and environmentally sensitive transport alternatives.

Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor is an example of such a project where INAB is a partner. This EU-project is designed to expand the connections between strong, fast growing, internationally important regions that are in need of a ferry (e.g. Ostrobotnia and Westerbothnia). Midway Alignment unites many forms of transport. The aim is to create a stable connection between Finland and Sweden, thus generating connections all around the EU. Over the mountains and across the seas transportation is done through cooperation, utilizing logistics in a creative way.


Major investments have been made to further develop Umeå as the natural transport and logistics hub for northern Scandinavia. The concept is called Nordic Logistic Center (NLC) and comprises three major components: NLC Terminal, NLC Park and the Port of Umeå. INAB oversees development of operations within NLC in cooperation with businesses in the region and the Swedish Transportation Administration.

*Intermodal traffic involves combining various forms of transportation for the purpose of more efficient freight transports and a reduced environmental impact.