Cookie Policy

This website uses essential cookies to make the website work and analytical cookies to improve the user experience. Until you agree on which cookies we can use, we only set the necessary cookies. Everyone who visits a website that uses cookies is required by law to be informed about them, what they are used for and how you can switch them off.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files the website asks to store on the visitor’s computer. There are two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile phone for a fixed period of time or until you or the website deletes them. Session cookies are stored temporarily and disappear when you close your browser.

More information about cookies can be found on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority's website. External link.

Cookie list

This website uses the following cookies:

Cookies used to use the website cannot be switched off.

sv-cookie-consent: Used to keep track of your cookie settings.

JSESSIONID: A website based on Sitevision uses the “JSESSIONID” session cookie to identify logged-in users and provide correct permissions. The cookie is created by the Tomcat web server to associate the user with a session. The cookie is deleted when you close the browser.

BIGipServerSitevision_old-cluster_https_pool: Required for the web server load balancer to keep track of which of the servers is being accessed. The cookie is removed when you close the browser.

Cookies that give us statistics on how visitors use the website. These enable us to maintain and improve the user experience of the website.

Vizzit: Used to manage statistics and maintenance work on It helps to improve the visitor experience. The cookie is saved for 12 months.

If you do not accept cookies

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can switch off cookies in your browser’s security settings. You can also set your browser to ask you every time the website tries to place a cookie on your computer. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. See your browser’s help pages for more information.

Changing your settings

You can change your previously authorised cookie settings via the button.