Maritime transport

At INAB, we have an in-depth understanding of the entire transport chain and experience of working strategically at all levels: local, regional, national and international. Umeå is a logistics hub connecting all modes of transport, whereas the port is a multimodal logistics node. INAB’s mission means that our expertise includes sustainable maritime transport and strategic issues relating to the port’s long-term development.

Umeå a vital node in the EU strategic network (TEN-T)

The Port of Umeå is designated as a comprehensive port in the EU’s strategic network. This means the port is considered essential for the EU’s internal market. We work strategically to further strengthen the port’s importance for the region’s business community and the EU. The port has a strategic position in several respects, which we market through the Northern Access initiative. The significance of the port and the east-west route for military preparedness and supply is an issue that is the subject of great focus, and processes are in progress to clarify the scope and any development needs.

International and national advocacy work

We monitor and influence EU and government efforts to increase the importance of shipping and reduce its climate footprint. Examples of processes where INAB has helped to fulfil the EU’s ambitions include the development of the connecting railway infrastructure and the planning and expansion of the railway terminal at Hillskär. We are also leading the work to produce a long-term development plan for the port, known as a Masterplan. This work is an assignment from Umeå Hamn AB and is taking place in a wide-ranging collaboration between the relevant stakeholders.

We are continuously working to develop climate-neutral transport arrangements. The port and shipping face challenges when it comes to becoming climate neutral. INAB has initiated and participated in several projects and investigations with the port’s stakeholders. One important area of work involves planning for the port’s future energy needs. An example is the Baltic Sea Programme project Blue Supply Chains, led by the Port of Hamburg. There, together with our sister companies Umeå Hamn AB, Kvarken Ports and Umeå Energi AB, we are investigating whether hydrogen can play a role in the transition of the port and shipping and what conditions exist for storing and producing hydrogen in the port.

Close co-operation with Vaasa

Umeå and Vaasa are working to become one of the world’s first Green Shipping Corridors. The cities have high environmental ambitions and, in a broad collaboration, we see great opportunities to establish a green shipping corridor between Umeå and Vaasa. There is a long history of cross-border cooperation between politicians and civil servants, as well as a super-modern environmentally friendly ferry, a world-leading marine industry and initiatives aimed at producing new maritime fuels.

Developing the port of the future – strategic and concrete

INAB is responsible for the project management of the ongoing expansion of the port. Our project managers are heavily involved in the processes that will shape the port of the future. Based on Kvarken Port’s requirements and the nature of the Port of Umeå, solutions are developed that create benefits concerning the costs incurred. All planning and implementation take place with a focus on sustainability. We are involved in shaping the port and the shipping of the future!

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