Our mission goes beyond strictly acting on our client’s wishes. We work with a methodology that involves proactivity and strategic planning at a very early stage. This may involve, for example, future-proofing logistics flows or analysing in depth the need for specific infrastructure investments.

Collaboration is a keyword for us. Nothing in our business is a one-person job; all work is based on a joint dialogue on requirements and the complexity of each project.

For us at INAB, it is about setting the vision and working in the long term. With the knowledge and experience available at INAB, we have the ability not only to take a long-term view, but also to investigate and plan for the future.

We put projects into a wider perspective by looking at the whole context – regionally, nationally and internationally. Our expertise means that we can always customise projects to suit the context in which they will operate.

Assignments often include developing collaboration models and financing solutions that contribute to realising projects that could be more feasible on strictly commercial terms. We have good knowledge of the co-financing opportunities for infrastructure projects that exist from the EU, the State and the Region, as well as experience of preparing project applications and running this type of project.

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