Our story

Infrastruktur i Umeå AB, INAB, was formed in 2007 to build two new travel centres along the Bothnia Line – the Umeå Östra and Hörnefors travel centres. Since then, the company has also acquired Umeå Central Station.

The idea of creating a company with responsibility for Umeå’s infrastructure was based on the municipality’s desire to avoid the financing of the Umeå Östra and Hörnefors travel centres being perceived as competing with the activities of the primary municipality – a decision made from an economically sustainable perspective.

Since its inception, INAB has, thanks to its knowledge and expertise, been responsible for several exciting construction projects in Umeå. This has broadened the focus from strictly infrastructure to more complex construction projects, where we have created added value for both Umeå residents and visitors to our city.

For example, we constructed the Navet swimming centre in Umeå and the solar-powered car park in central Umeå. And in addition to that, everything from freight yards to wagon workshops.

Many of the buildings we have constructed have remained in the company and been transferred to pure management, development and operating assignments.

We have developed in a direction that allows us to take on complex and often untested assignments where the unique expertise we possess is needed. This has also meant that our offer is constantly changing.

INAB – A timeline

Umeå needs two new travel centres in the municipality. Umeå, therefore, decided to set up a new infrastructure company to manage the projects. The limited company INAB – Infrastruktur i Umeå AB – is formed.

Umeå and the rest of the Nordic region needed then, and still need, efficient and sustainable transport routes for goods in the east-west direction. INAB was therefore tasked with uniting the regions concerned – Helgeland/Nordland in Norway, Region Västerbotten in Sweden and Vasa-Österbotten in Finland.

The existing swimming centre in Umeå was old and worn out, and needed to be replaced. The task of building a new swimming centre with a 50-metre pool and adventure section was given to INAB. Construction began in 2013 and lasted about 2.5 years. On 20 August 2016, Umeå’s new Navet swimming centre was inaugurated. The bill for the project totalled SEK 450 million.

INAB was given the task of acting as client representative and project manager for the construction of a new car park on Järnvägsallén in Umeå. The completed property measures 100 metres in length and extends four storeys into the sky. The building is equipped with solar panels that produce electricity for engine heaters and lighting – the project cost was SEK 75 million.

Together with its subsidiary Dåva Terminal AB, INAB starts the project to build a railway terminal at Umeå Eco Industrial Park. The terminal is equipped with two industrial tracks for transhipment opportunities for goods from the upcoming North Bothnia Line when the first part between Umeå and Dåva is taken into service in 2024.

INAB and Umeå are at the heart of an EU project aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from ship transport. The project will investigate the possibility of electric charging and the production of green hydrogen gas in Swedish ports. The project also includes Umeå Energi and the Port of Umeå.

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