Northern Access

Securing the future of sustainable transports

Northern Access containers

Northern Access is a network that brings together companies and organisations that aim to promote northern Sweden’s growth and sustainable transition. Umeå is the central city and the logistics hub, where we at INAB have a mission we are proud of and take very seriously.

Northern Access stems from several initiatives. On the one hand, Umeå Municipality’s goal is to reach 200,000 inhabitants by 2050. On the other hand, Umeå Municipality’s ambition, though strict climate and environmental goals, is to be climate-neutral by 2040.

The transport sector is responsible for significant emissions, and the government’s freight transport strategy promotes the transfer of goods from road to sea and rail. To reduce emissions, Umeå Municipality has invested proactively in infrastructure that enables this.

Our mission includes developing the municipality’s facilities into a modern and competitive hub. This means that we have a central role in the future of Umeå and all of northern Europe – in both the short and long term.

We bring together the network and market the members’ logistics offering to strengthen the entire region and increase growth by facilitating transport and establishment.

One example is the company First Row Shipping, which has started to run train transport operations directly between Gothenburg and the Port of Umeå, where the goods arrive at the port’s intermodal railway terminal for transhipment to other means of transport. Transporting the goods by rail instead of lorry over the same distance reduces CO2 emissions by about 85%.

INABs role

“INAB has a central role in the project and acts as a convening catalyst.”

– Anna-Clara Fridén, Head of Communication INAB

Northern Access containers

Train transport operations are run directly between Gothenburg and the Port of Umeå, where the goods arrive at the port’s intermodal railway terminal for transhipment to other means of transport.

Cooperation and collaboration

Collaboration facilitates the customer journey. And since the partners in Northern Access offer a wide range of services, the customer only needs to go to one place to get a complete solution.

“Here at Northern Access, we believe in expanded cooperation and geographical growth. Northern Sweden is moving forward, and our work allows the entire region to develop sustainably regarding freight transport and logistics solutions. This is a strong ambition with our coordination responsibility.

Our cooperation connects the Norwegian Atlantic ports with Finland, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, northern and southern Sweden and continental Europe – with Umeå as the logistics hub. Here, goods can be smoothly reloaded into the desired mode of transport and then transported in all directions.

In addition to INAB, the Northern Access cooperation currently includes Umeå Hamn AB, Kvarken Ports, Umeå Municipality, Storuman Municipality, Västerbotten Chamber of Commerce, Region Västerbotten, Wasaline and Dåva Terminal AB.

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  • Umeå hamn Upphandlingsunderlag Just nu pågår ett intensivt arbete med att utveckla och förbättra Umeå hamn. Projekt Nordporten är Umeå kommunkoncerns genom tiderna största byggprojekt och syftar till att bygga om och ut Umeå hamn för morgondagens logistikbehov.
  • Badhuset Navet tillfälligt stängt Badhuset i Umeå, Navet, är tillfälligt stängt på grund av utredning kring eventuellt legionella. Det är miljö- och hälsoskyddsnämnden i Umeå som har beslutat att stänga Navet och duschutrymmena hos Umeå Sport och Motion, USM. Navet har i samband med provtagning hittat halter av bakterien legionella i en dusch.