Sustainability in focus – for the Umeå of the future

Our mission is to manage and develop the infrastructure in Umeå municipality – and to do so in a sustainable way. This is a matter of course for us.

Our employees have wide-ranging sustainability expertise and a commitment to the issue, which rubs off on customers and partners and permeates our projects from start to finish. It is also important for us to think about sustainability from the inside out. That’s why we have clear procedures for internal sustainability work so that we can practise what we preach.

We look at sustainability from three pillars – ecological sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability.

Ecological sustainability

For us, ecological sustainability is about responsible use of natural resources in any given situation and ensuring that each project leaves as small a footprint as possible. We work actively to achieve this.

We ensure that contractors comply with our high standards for recycling and sustainable material choices. We build consciously to ensure that our buildings are energy-efficient and future-proof.

In our management assignments, we continuously update our heating, ventilation and lighting technology to ensure low energy consumption. Of course, we follow the Swedish Energy Agency’s energy mapping and, together with other municipally owned companies in Umeå Municipality, have made energy savings of over 2,450 MWh per year between 2020 and 2023.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability is an essential part of our work at INAB, both internally and externally. For us, it is about promoting equality and inclusion so that everyone who comes into contact with us in one way or another feels welcome, safe, involved and able to reach their full potential.

We also view health as a central part of social sustainability, and endeavour to create a physical and psychosocial environment that promotes well-being for both employees and our partners.

Economic sustainability

For us, economic sustainability means looking at all investments from a benefit and cost perspective. In other words, we ensure that an investment’s benefits are proportionate to its costs. Quite simply, we use the money wisely.

We always think big and cost-effective – with long-term energy and cost calculations. By building slightly more expensive and energy-efficient buildings, we ensure that a larger initial investment pays off in the long run.

Following the energy audit results in both emission reductions and cost savings – favourable from all sustainability perspectives.

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