Our subsidiaries

Dåva Terminal AB and Umeå Vagnverkstad AB

Dåva Terminal AB and Umeå Vagnverkstad AB are municipal companies and subsidiaries of INAB.

Dåva Terminal AB

The company was formed in 2016 together with Umeå Energi and Dåva DAC. The company’s purpose is to design, construct and manage the industrial track from the North Bothnia Line to the industrial area Dåva Eco-Industrial Park and, together with Umeå Municipality, acquire, develop and sell land adjacent to this industrial track for industrial purposes.

Taking into account the localisation principle of the Swedish Local Government Act, the company will develop and manage railway facilities and industrial sites with a need for proximity to railway facilities in order to promote Umeå’s growth and development as a logistics centre in the north.

Dåva terminal – combi terminal in the heart of Umeå Eco Industrial park

In 2020, work began on constructing a railway terminal in the area. The terminal will be completed in 2023, forming the heart of the Dåva Eco-Industrial Park and promoting climate-smart transport to and from the area. In connection with the North Bothnia Line’s route up to Dåva, it is possible to reach the terminal by train.

Board of Directors Dåva Terminal AB

Lennart Holmlund, Chairman
Maja Westling Palmberg, vice Chairman
Gustaf Sjölund
Jörgen Aronsson
Mårten Henriksson
Ulf Kullh

Umeå Vagnverkstad AB

When the Bothnia Line was completed in 2010, a new wagon workshop was built adjacent to the Umeå freight yard. The company Umeå Vagnverkstad AB owns the facility and was formed in 2011 to design, construct, own and manage a wagon workshop in Umeå.

The company Euromaint Rail AB is the tenant and utilises the workshop and associated railway infrastructure.

Umeå vagnverkstad – modern railway facility for development and maintenance

The wagon workshop is used for the ongoing corrective maintenance and development of Norrtåg’s vehicle fleet. If necessary, components that fail in traffic are analysed and replaced during short, well-planned periods in the workshop. Conducting this type of rapid maintenance requires a well-tuned logistics system for the workshop’s vehicles, personnel and materials.

The wagon workshop at Västerslätt in Umeå is a so-called traffic workshop that aims to maintain railway vehicles for passenger transport with short maintenance stops.

Styrelse Umeå Vagnverkstad AB

Lennart Holmlund, Chairman
Sven-Olov Edvinsson, Vice Chairman
Gabriel Farrysson
Greger Knutsson
Lars Brännström
Lina Farhat
Sandra Jakobsson
Ulf Pantzare
Åsa Bäckström