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Since its inauguration by King Carl XVI on 28 August 2010, Umeå Östra railway station has been an important hub and landmark in Umeå. The strategic location right next to both the hospital and the university area makes the station important from an infrastructure perspective, as a large number of people pass through here daily.

Increasing the number of train commuters

The construction of the Bothnia Line – the railway line between Nyland and Umeå – made it possible for more people to commute by train into Umeå, which is why the need for a new and modern station arose.

During the construction of Umeå Östra, INAB was the developer and project manager. Today, INAB owns the property and is responsible for operation and maintenance. NCC was procured as the contractor, and INAB was therefore responsible for conducting the dialogue between the Swedish Transport Administration, Umeå Municipality and NCC.

The travel centre is constructed mainly of glass and glulam, which gives the entire building a characteristic appearance.

In brief

Visitors per year

50,000 – 60,000



Construction time

2 years

Umeå Östra nattbild

The travel centre is mainly made of glass and glulam, which gives the whole building a characteristic appearance.

Prize-winning architecture

The project was awarded the Swedish Transport Administration’s 2013 Architecture Prize with the motivation: The prize aims to recognise buildings that are role models in terms of the combination of infrastructure and architecture.

Umeå Östra has also received an honourable mention in the international railway and architecture-oriented design and architecture competition, the Brunel Awards.

Umeå Östra is a so-called 3D property, where INAB owns the property, the station building, as well as the pedestrian tunnel under the railway tracks and Holmsundsvägen. The Swedish Transport Administration owns the property on which the railway tracks are located, and Umeå Municipality owns Holmsundsvägen.

Architecture prize 2023

“Umeå Östra travel centre beautifully connects two neighbourhoods and is a generously designed public space that welcomes people.”

Motivation for the Swedish Transport Administration’s Architecture Prize 2023

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Co-operation partners

  • Umeå hamn Upphandlingsunderlag Just nu pågår ett intensivt arbete med att utveckla och förbättra Umeå hamn. Projekt Nordporten är Umeå kommunkoncerns genom tiderna största byggprojekt och syftar till att bygga om och ut Umeå hamn för morgondagens logistikbehov.
  • Badhuset Navet tillfälligt stängt Badhuset i Umeå, Navet, är tillfälligt stängt på grund av utredning kring eventuellt legionella. Det är miljö- och hälsoskyddsnämnden i Umeå som har beslutat att stänga Navet och duschutrymmena hos Umeå Sport och Motion, USM. Navet har i samband med provtagning hittat halter av bakterien legionella i en dusch.


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