We are the Group’s resource with expertise in marketing, strategic positioning and knowledge of tomorrow’s logistics solutions.

Umeå - a logistics hub

We will contribute to Umeå’s sustainable growth and help ensure that Umeå’s logistics offering forms a natural part of the location’s marketing.

One of our major assignments is to position Umeå as a hub on the logistics map and, through this, to contribute to the municipality’s overall goal of growth and sustainability. With that, working alongside other partners, we have launched Northern Access – an initiative that will strengthen Umeå as an establishment and logistics hub in northern Europe by facilitating sustainable, efficient, intermodal transport to and from northern Sweden and by promoting the sustainable growth of the entire northern region.

Various aspects speak in favour of Umeå and provide us with a great advantage when it comes to being a central node for the entire northern Nordic region, including:

  • Umeå’s geographical location
  • All modes of transport can be offered (sea, rail, road, air).
  • Major completed and ongoing infrastructure initiatives

Tomorrow’s logistics solutions

We have expertise in logistics development, transport, intermodality and business models, enabling us to meet the market’s need for innovative, efficient, sustainable and global solutions regardless of the mode of transport.

The company represents the municipality through our expertise regarding railway and shipping issues. We work closely with our colleagues at Umeå Municipality and our sister companies within the Group. We often provide assistance when more complex transport chains need to be put together or in connection with the logistics needs of new establishments.

We also work proactively to develop the company’s and the municipality’s logistics facilities.

Umeå’s central location in fast-growing northern Sweden and with direct connections both to Finland and to the Atlantic ports in Norway gives Umeå a superior logistical position.

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