Rail has always been a core business for us at INAB – this is where we are strongest. With senior employees and wide-ranging experience, we customise logistics chains and future-proof high-quality deliveries for our clients.

We have unique expertise in the field and extensive technical knowledge of railway infrastructure – locally, regionally and nationally. We have completed strategically important construction projects which are needed to handle current and future transport volumes, including everything from railway stations to freight terminals with railway connections.

Building and managing

Through close cooperation with our customers, we build for the long term and offer complete solutions. We also manage the facilities after completion, focusing on sustainability, safety and efficiency.

Through our subsidiary Dåva Terminal AB, we are building, designing and managing the railway from the future North Bothnia Line into the Dåva Företagspark industrial area just north of Umeå. We control both end and stop points for rail transport through our terminals, where the Umeå freight yard is adjacent to the Bothnia Line.

Railway experts

Our expertise and experience are the basis for success in complex projects. When project-specific challenges require flexibility and customisation, our extensive network of contacts in and outside Umeå allows us to connect with the right actors quickly and smoothly and act as an effective coordinator.

Our sustainability focus goes hand in hand with our railway expertise. We make it possible for more actors to take the step towards freight transport by train. This can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 85 per cent compared to the same journey by truck. We are working actively to achieve this.

Logistics hub for the northern Nordic region

We are an important player in the railway sector, not only in and around Umeå. We also believe that we can be the best in northern Sweden when it comes to transport and freight handling of this type. With our in-depth knowledge and specialised facilities, we can build seamless logistics chains to the whole of Sweden and on down to continental Europe. As Umeå grows, we will continue to consolidate Umeå’s position as northern Sweden’s leading railway node and as a strategic logistics hub for northern Europe.

In brief

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Experience in project managing the construction of railways and railway terminals


Experience in managing railways


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