We develop the infrastructure of the future.

Infrastruktur i Umeå AB, INAB, is a municipally owned company tasked with promoting, managing and developing infrastructure in Umeå Municipality. We implement the municipality’s major and complex infrastructure projects and create the conditions for efficient and long-term sustainable logistics and transport solutions.

We are responsible for the municipality’s railway facilities and cooperate with other companies in the Group and activities within the municipality.

We offer services in project management, strategic analysis, sustainability, management of properties and railway facilities and communication. Our projects often span several years, and the lifespan of the end products extends far into the future. We therefore have expertise in sustainable and long-term strategic planning and coordination.

We currently have 15 dedicated employees working in new offices in the Umestan business park. We have expertise and long experience in several areas of logistics – not least in rail and shipping. This means that we represent the municipality in railway and shipping issues and are responsible for marketing and positioning Umeå as the natural logistics hub in the region.

For example, we represent Umeå Municipality in negotiations with the Swedish Transport Administration regarding the construction of the North Bothnia Line. We are also responsible for the redevelopment of the harbour area that will develop the Port of Umeå into the sustainable logistics hub of the future – for the municipality, the region and the whole of northern Europe.

INAB's role

“We have a period of development behind us and exciting times ahead of us”

– Mikael Salomonsson, CEO INAB

“Always putting sustainability first”

We want to contribute to Umeå’s journey of growth towards 200,000 inhabitants and create the conditions for a climate-neutral Umeå. Sustainability is important to us, and with our employees’ collective expertise and commitment, we contribute to the sustainable society of the future. A quest for new, innovative solutions for long-term sustainable growth permeates everything we do. We take pride in making a difference for future generations.

Our management assignment always puts sustainability first, and we continuously review our procedures to help ourselves and our customers continue to develop. We always work closely with our clients in all our areas of activity. This enables us to respond quickly – always informed and with advice anchored in relevant data and the latest research.

We ensure we have the right expertise in our assignments through various constellations and project groups – from sustainability and strategic development to project management and administration in property and railways. Thanks to our broad and multifaceted range of expertise, we are often assigned particularly complex tasks that extend beyond our primary areas.

The Group includes the subsidiaries Umeå Vagnverkstad AB, which owns and develops the service and maintenance facility for Norrtåg’s vehicle fleet, and Dåva Terminal AB, which is building the Dåva railway terminal, which will be completed in 2023.

Our vision

We want to be an international role model when it comes to socially, economically and ecologically sustainable and socio-economically profitable infrastructure and logistics development. At the same time, we are building infrastructure that benefits both residents and visitors in Umeå Municipality and the entire Region Västerbotten.


Together with customers and partners, we enable the region’s sustainable growth by developing competitive infrastructure solutions and logistics flows.

Board of Directors

Lennart Holmlund, Chairman
Sven-Olov Edvinsson, Vice Chairman
Gabriel Farrysson
Greger Knutsson
Lars Brännström
Lina Farhat
Sandra Jakobsson
Ulf Pantzare
Åsa Bäckström