Navet swimming centre

In the centre of Umeå, our Navet property houses a swimming pool, gym and car park.

Navet was opened in 2016 and offers swimming, exercise, health and other experiences in a central and easily accessible location. Would you like to know more about the various activities at Navet? You can find links under the heading Navet’s activities.

With the environment in focus

Navet is supported by solid environmental and quality work. For example, heat is recovered from the water and air. Through ultrafiltration, 70-80% of the bathing water is also recycled and, when the pool is not in use, the height-adjustable bottoms slide up and settle a few centimetres above the water’s surface to avoid heat loss. Everything is centrally controlled by computers that coordinate the technical systems with each other.

Accessibility as a keyword

A great deal of attention has been paid to accessibility for people with disabilities. The entire swimming centre is adapted so that everyone can use the bathing facilities.

Final place in Building of the Year

Navet was nominated for Building of the Year 2017 by Svensk Byggtjänst and Byggindustrin magazine. The building reached the final as one of Sweden’s five best construction projects.

Architecture: Erséus Arkitekter and LINK Arkitektur.

Navet’s activities

In brief

Year of construction


Length of heating and water pipes

12 km

Length of electricity lines

65 km

Number of tiles

500 000

Umeå badhus - Navet

Contakt person

  • Umeå hamn Upphandlingsunderlag Just nu pågår ett intensivt arbete med att utveckla och förbättra Umeå hamn. Projekt Nordporten är Umeå kommunkoncerns genom tiderna största byggprojekt och syftar till att bygga om och ut Umeå hamn för morgondagens logistikbehov.
  • Badhuset Navet tillfälligt stängt Badhuset i Umeå, Navet, är tillfälligt stängt på grund av utredning kring eventuellt legionella. Det är miljö- och hälsoskyddsnämnden i Umeå som har beslutat att stänga Navet och duschutrymmena hos Umeå Sport och Motion, USM. Navet har i samband med provtagning hittat halter av bakterien legionella i en dusch.