Umeå Combi terminal

The heart of Umeå’s railway infrastructure

Umeå godsbangård

Umeå Combi terminal is Umeå’s main freight yard, forming the heart of Umeå’s railway infrastructure. Umeå Kombiterminal has been designated a Comprehensive Road Rail Terminal and part of the EU’s strategic transport network. The railway terminal is one of the most modern in Sweden and has a catchment area stretching from Örnsköldsvik to Skellefteå.

Connecting Umeå’s railway terminals

Umeå Combi terminal is an intermodal terminal in Sweden’s competition-neutral strategic combined network. The terminal is Umeå’s railway node that connects the railway terminal in the Port of Umeå and the railway terminal at Umeå Eco-Industrial Park.

The terminal has nine railway tracks, ranging from 200–900 metres in length, as well as a freight terminal, service facilities and parking spaces for load carriers spread over an area of 100,000 m2. See railway network descriptions (swe)

The track system comprises 5,900 metres of jointless track, including 17 motorised switches. The terminal handles 50,000 TEUs annually, and volumes are expected to increase by about 10 per cent annually.

In connection with the construction of the Bothnia Line, which was taken into service in 2010, extensive investments were made in new infrastructure in Umeå and the surrounding area. Among other things, Umeå’s freight yard was moved to a more suitable location.

About the terminal

The Swedish Transport Administration owns the terminal, but INAB has a 20-year lease agreement and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the terminal via a contractor. Today, the terminal is operated by the Sandahls Group’s subsidiary, Sandahls Logistik AB. The agreement extends until 2030.

In brief

Number of railway tracks

9 psc

Length of railway tracks

200-900 m

Surface area

100 000 m2

Volume handled/year

50 000 TEU

Number of metres of jointless track at the terminal

5900 m

Total track length

10.000 mil


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Umeå godsbangård

Umeå Combi Terminal is the heart of Umeå’s railway facilities and connects the Bothnia Line with the North Bothnia Line and the main line.

Land areas for business establishments in connection with the railway terminal

Adjacent to the freight yard is NLC Park, a 40-hectare logistics area where transport and logistics companies can establish operations. Several large companies are currently based in NLC Park, including DSV and Martin & Servera, which has built 22,000 square metres of premises for warehousing and distribution. The company Benders is the latest to establish itself and is planning its inauguration in spring 2023.

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